E3 Variable Speed Drives for Single Phase Motors

General Purpose Variable Frequency Drive

0.37 – 1.1kW  /  0.5 – 1.5HP
110 – 240V Single Phase Input

Single Phase Input / Output

Designed to be cost effective and easy to use, the Optidrive E3 for Single Phase Motors is for use with PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor) or Shaded-Pole Single Phase induction motors.

Optidrive E3 for Single Phase Motors uses a revolutionary motor control strategy to achieve reliable intelligent starting of single phase motors.

  • Removes the need for 3 phase supply wiring
  • Provides the same features as the 3 phase Optidrive E3
  • The ideal energy saving solution where high starting torque is not required – typically including fans, blowers, centrifugal pumps, fume extractors and air flow controllers

Key Features

  • 110 – 115V and 200 – 240V models
  • Small mechanical envelope
  • Rugged industrial operation
  • Fast setup, and simple operation with 14 basic parameters
  • Unique motor control strategy optimised for single phase motors
  • Motor current and rpm indication
  • Built in PI control, EMC filter (C1) & brake chopper
  • Application macros for industrial, fan and pump operation
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Special Boost Phase

Revolutionary motor control strategy ensures reliable starting of single phase motors.

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