P2 High Performance Drive

High Performance AC Drive

0.75 – 250kW  /  1 – 350HP
200 – 600V Single & 3 Phase Input

High Performance and Easy to Use

The perfect combination of high performance together with ease of use allows even the most demanding applications to be tackled easily by the P2 variable frequency drive.

P2 Variable Frequency Drive features

  • Simple PLC functionality
  • Built-in EMC filter
  • Low ambient operation (-10°C)
  • Dedicated hoist mode

150% overload for 60 seconds


Advanced Motor Control

Invertek has developed advanced mathematical algorithms and uses the very latest hardware technology to ensure Optidrive P2 provides exceptional motor control with a simple interface to help users easily apply the benefits to their applications.


Control Modes

  • V/F Voltage Vector
  • Energy Optimised V/F
  • Sensorless Vector Speed Control
  • Sensorless Vector Torque Control
  • Synchronous Reluctance Motor Control
  • Brushless DC Motor Control

200% overload for 4 seconds

Industrial heavy duty rating for every model